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Information for Hoteliers in Maldives

We work with all the major players in the tourism trade of Maldives. This give us chance to realise the industry's potential very well. Our success story is very much combined with the help and efforts of Maldives Hoteliers. That's why we keep top importance of diverting traffic to our allied resorts.
We have two main channels of working. Our top and number one importance is overseas tour operators. We have 1000s of tour operators who work consistantly with us and they trust our service. This gives us opportunity to flood the market if you have any special offers. Than we have effective FIT department. We are proud that we are the only agency in Maldives who market effectively on major search engines, customer forums. We have dedicated IT department to work full time on this.
In light of the above, we would like to tell that we are interested in obtaining exclusive allotments large or small for our sales. Our hard efforts of selling Maldives destination comes with your cooperation and help.
If you would like to be our partner please contact us using the below address
Island Voyage Pvt Ltd
Ma. Rangiri, 03rd Floor, Rahdhebai Magu
P O BOX: 2171, Male´ 20139, Maldives.
Phone: + 960 3300811, Fax: + 960 3300812

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